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We all know about search engines the widely known Internet Marketing monster. What does it take to get listed in search engines and receive high traffic?
Lets start off with the Domain name. If you are planning on starting your own web site and have not chosen a domain name as of yet and want to get targeted traffic from the search engine marketing then consider a good keyword domain that is related to your web site topic. This simple technique has proven to work with search enginemarketing for indexing (position) and overall keyword weighting. Now there are other factors to get considered by search engines like properly preparing your meta tags in the html. The meta tags that still hold importance to search are Title Tags, and Description Tags. Keyword tags do not hold the same importance like it use to. Another important factor is on page keywords, these are relevant keywords found on the body text of your website and choosing the proper keywords with relevance, keyword weighting (4-7%), as well as keyword proximity will be the difference between your website getting listed page 40 or page 2 or even page one in search engines.
Another important internet marketing puzzle piece for search engines is link building. This is the process were you get your website links listed on other important websites. There are different ways do accomplish this – reciprocal links and one way linking. Reciprocal linking involves you trading links with other webmasters, be sure that your website topic is relevant to link partners site. The other link building option is one way linking


Proximity Marketing

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