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Drive traffic to your website.

Is your engine optimized for peak performance in York, PA? —Search Engine Optimization powers your visibility on the web. If people can’t see that you have a product, service, or opportunity, how far are you going to go? A BIG FAT ZERO!

Let East Coast Marketing 16 partner with you to create clearly defined online marketing goals with a plan based on metrics and proven results.

We use cutting-edge technology, so you can turn your computer into an even more highly profitable, competitive business.

ECM16 is a digital marketing agency who believes Everyone is searching for something. Does your website use the keyword they’re searching for?

We have a digital GPS showing us exactly how to navigate to the first page of Google.

We’re not just making blind changes. We’ve analyzed the competition. We shine a light on exactly where changes need to be made. You want to be seen on the first page of Google, right?

ECM16 is takes online marketing into the 22nd century using cutting edge technology that identifies and implements minimal changes that have a maximum impact.

Snippet or Forget it!

You have 2 seconds to get noticed. Make every second count!

Two seconds and 2 sentences to get your copy right. ECM16 York, PA knows how to pack content into 160-230 characters.

The Snippet is the 160-230 characters that Google displays on the search page. You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Let ECM16 York, PA show you how to impress at a glance.

We know how to create copy that converts so you get CLICKS THAT CONVERT.

We help businesses in York, PA

Get more sales and leads from your website with increased FREE organic traffic. Traffic that is actively searching for your products or services. When customers find you on the first page of Google's search results, they take notice.

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York, PA SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

Not only do we get you higher visibility on the web, but we also use personality science to increase your website's conversions. By using language that attracts different personalities, your site can turn more visitors into paying customers.